Dig·i·tal — adjective — Involving or relating to the use of computer technology and information.

Am·bit — noun — 1. The sphere or area of control and influence of something. 2. A span of actions, thoughts, or words.

About Digital Ambit

Digital Ambit is a Technology and Data Management Consulting firm located in Fairfax County Virginia. We are intentionally small and committed to being exceptionally good at what we do. Digital Ambit is the husband and wife team of Carson and Dagny Evans.

Carson and Dagny are both individually accomplished in their fields and have complimentary skill-sets making Digital Ambit a well-rounded company for a range of services including technology management, data curation, web-centric software development and implementation and project management.


Technology Strategy

  • Technical Road-map Development
  • Road-map Implementation Strategies
  • Systems Architecture and Interrelation
  • Product Management

Business Intelligence

  • Data Curation
  • Database Design and Implementation
  • Billing Systems & Processes
  • Managing Large Data Sets / "Big Data"

Project Management

  • Implementing Agile Development Processes
  • Managing Global Teams
  • Change Management
  • Process Improvement

Software Development

  • Implementing Agile Development Processes
  • Open Source Content Management Systems (Drupal & Wordpress)
  • Custom Website Development
  • API Development and Integration

Case Studies


We recently had the pleasure of working with MZQ Consulting to build a client application to validate healthcare data. You can view more information in a case study highlighting our work.

Integration Methodology

Digital Ambit has put their methodology for implementing data integration projects to paper. You can see the framework & the critical decisions required in our infographic.

News and Blogs

Carson is spinning up a new side project that hopefully will generate some passive income if succesful and how he plans to set it up appears to be somewhat unique. He is planning on using Nested Corporations and here he explore some of the pros and cons as he sees them.
We have all seen too many products where they promote they do X, but once you start using it you realize that it doesn't quite do X, or X is so complicated to execute that it defeats the purpose. But how do we really get here? It's unlikely that a product manager simply decided to push out a bad product. Or that the quality assurance team didn't actually QA it. Dagny discusses 3 factors that contribute to products not delivering business value.
Over the course of her career, Dagny has been to a few conferences. Most were technical and most were related to the legal industry as that is where she spent the majority of her career so far. The last two years, she attended DrupalCon. Drupal is an open source platform for managing content and delivering websites. She's not managing any web projects these days, and in running a small business, you don't have the luxury of a big team to pick up the slack. So, why did Dagny choose this conference to attend? Read more about what makes DrupalCon different.
Carson has a set of go-to tools he uses when debugging APIs. Learn what tools he uses and when he uses them.
A new study demonstrates that projects run by junior managers are more likely to be successful because employees feel comfortable providing more critical feedback. Other recent social experiments and commentary have raised awareness of the sexism women face in the workplace. However, there are also several studies that conclude that women make better project managers than men. With these as her foundation, Dagny explores whether bias & discrimination made her a better project manager.
Dagny is taking a lean six sigma course from Simplilearn and was surprised to learn how well our implementation methodology naturally aligns to the lean process. Refresh your memory on the Digital Ambit implementation methodology and learn how it works to identify value, document process and be in a state of constant improvement.
Carson often finds himself pondering ways to apply the continuous improvement methodologies he uses in his software development practice to the rest of my life. While he was doing some mental wrangling with how he was going to spend the lovely spring day, he thought he'd manage it the same way he manages any other project. Enjoy his mostly humorous, account of how it went.

Carson Evans

Carson has been professionally building websites and Internet aware software since 1994. He has lead software development teams and built software for companies in the technology consulting, software development, data curation and new media industries. His software development experiences include implementing modern ("Agile") software development best practices, continuous integration, test-driven-development and working with some of the world's best known open source content management systems (Drupal and Wordpress) and PHP MVC Frameworks (Symfony and Laravel). His management experiences include defining and implementing technical road-maps, hiring, managing and developing developer talent, and leading teams to continuously improve. He has a Bachelor of Science in Finance from George Mason University. He is an entrepreneur and is currently running his second software consulting company. The first, Contentra Inc., was acquired in 2001.

Dagny Evans

Dagny is a seasoned senior operations and technology leader with proven success in data curation, creating processes, restoring profitability, directing initiatives to increase efficiency, and save organizations significant costs. She has worked with consumer product goods, telecom, legal and software companies, small and large. She holds several business process patents based on internally developed technical processes and solutions. She has a Bachelor of Business from The George Washington University and an MBA from Kogod School of Business, American University. She has also been an active member and leader in Women in Technology since 2001 and recently joined the Women in Technology Education Foundation board.

Contact Digital Ambit

Feel free to email us to learn how we can help with technology management, data curation or software development projects. Or just drop us a note to say hello!

We are on LinkedIn and Twitter and you can email us at info@digitalambit.com.

Carson can be reached via email at carson@carsonevans.com or carson@digitalambit.com and on twitter as @carsonevans.

Dagny can be reached via email at dagny@dagnyevans.com or dagny@digitalambit.com and on twitter as @DagnyEvans.